Get your yoga on

Bonjour mes amis!

A quick update as I have news, well lots of news, but one thing at a time.

First up, stop the press; hold the front page but something is actually finished!!!!!!!

Yep, you read that right.  My art room/office, yoga room, small corridor and cupboard (that was the entrance to the toilet) are now finished.

These are the lovely flyers my friend helped me design while she was here over Christmas. I’m now running 2 open classes a week alongside my private sessions and will add more classes/workshops over the summer months.


20200111_210200Not only that, with the art room/office finished I have finally been able to sort through all my filing and move it, with my printer, from the chaos of ‘on the floor under a sheet’ to a repurposed TV cabinet with beautifully ordered and labelled boxes and files.  I can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me.  I’ve also been able to sort through my boxes of painting projects and make realistic decisions about whether I actually have time/inclination in this lifetime to paint them.  Finally being able to open some boxes and have a really good de-clutter has been very cathartic.   And yes the observant of you will have noticed a missing chair – to be addressed on my next shopping trip to Ikea in a couple of weeks.

The clear out of boxes has also allowed me, after a temporary move of a year (ahem) to get my living room back into some sort of order.  I’m saying nothing so will just show you the photos.

In amongst the art room/yoga room/small corridor works, Builder Dave started work on the outside toilet!  Only joking, but as we had blocked up the entrance to the toilet to create the cupboard in the corridor we had to knock a new doorway into the toilet and move the toilet to it’s new position.  This is the temporary finished product, which will be completed when we tackle the living room next year with any luck.

Ah but what about the roof I hear you cry.  Well, it was scheduled in, the tile lifter ordered and then the rain came, and then the wind, and more rain and wind.  Right now the rain is forecast for the next fortnight. So, no roof.  I cannot take the risk of only being able to do half of it and end up with more water coming into the bedrooms and doing even more damage.  As an aside we are now really behind with all our garden work but what can you do.  I don’t mind working in a light shower but this is a whole different level.

But wait, there’s still more news.  How much more can you take?

So, an update on my little family.  My feral cat Malbec, who is still as feisty and lovely as ever, has taken up permanent residence upstairs until the rain stops.  Merlot my gorgeous old boy who came with me from London is still going at 17 years old but has now developed kidney problems and is on a special diet and needs a liquid medicine that has to be given daily. This is easier to do than you would think as he has lost so much weight (over a kilo in the last 6 months) it quite easy to hold him and get him to take it.

But just before Christmas I fell in love with this little abandoned runt and found myself adopting her.  So on the 24thJanuary Luna came home with me.

She’s going from strength to strength and appears to be growing in front of my eyes.  She had a little set back last week as she got attacked by a big dog so had to have a staple/stitch, antibiotics and eye drops.

All a bit stressful but I am happy to say she has fully recovered and is back on track.  All I have to do now is convince her that going for walks is fun and not the torture she currently seems to think it is!

The arrival of Luna seems to have called a truce between Merlot and Malbec who have now paired up against Luna!  I’m sure they will all work it out eventually…….

And that’s all folks!

Til next time




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