Happy New Year / Bonne Année

And just like that the year came to a close and it was Christmas (again) …..I had a friend staying for Christmas and New Year so I’ve taken lots of time out from working, both paid and at my own house and was very ready to get back to it on Monday.

We had glorious weather on Christmas day and after brunch my friend and I sat in the sunshine in the garden drinking fizz.

First up roof update. Well it’s not great news as it’s still not done but it’s not for the want of trying. It simply hasn’t stopped raining for what seems like forever, and it’s just not safe to up on the roof in the wet. Luckily no more leaks have appeared for now but I am reluctant to repair the internal damage until the roof is sorted. I think this one may rumble on for a few more months yet.

But I have good news. My art room and yoga studio are almost ready to go –woo hoo, get the flags out. Well they are all repointed, painted, lights in, electrics working, window sills completed and all I need now is the floor. It’s been ordered, it’s in the shop, and today I picked it up so I can leave it in the rooms for 48 hours before it can be laid.

During my downtime over Christmas we designed and ordered, flyers, card and loyalty cards for my yoga classes. I am excited to finally be getting this off the ground and to finally have a dedicated art / office space. The office space is very much needed because goodness me the French love a bit of admin! And if you thought things take a long time in the UK I have so far been waiting 14 months for my driving licence to be processed. I’m learning levels of patience unknown to mankind up to this point.

As the temperatures drop the fun and games with my fire rise. I have begun to accept that this wood burning fire malarkey is a dark art, and not least a lot of hard work but I have managed to reach the dizzying heights of 20oC in my living room this past week. I am determined that there will be a new fire by next winter.

Since my last update I have become involved with Parkrun through a small group of English and French and we are trying to set up a Parkrun in our local town which will launch in April of next year. Unfortunately because of the rain we have had to postpone the runs as most of the route is under water. Apparently this level of rain has not been seen in over 15 years. Those of you who remember me as a runner may or may not know that I started off running all those years ago at the original Parkrun in Bushy Park so when the chance to set one up here came up I jumped at it (or should I say ran at it?)

Oh and I nearly forgot, well to be honest I’m in denial and mostly ignoring it, I ‘celebrated’ a significant birthday in October. I spent the night in La Rochelle, and lovely friend Sue who couldn’t bear to see me spend it alone, got the train over from London to meet me.

Oh and a very sneaky trip back to the UK to celebrate my birthday with my old mate Langers (Langdale Jones)!


And that’s me!

So plans for the next 3 months? Well the roof of course, quickly followed by necessary repairs in beds 1 and 2 and finishing off bed 3……………. Don’t hold your breath!!!!

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