Christmas 2022

Well it doesn’t seem possible that I am in front of the fire with freezing temps outside and Christmas approaching at full speed and yet only a couple of weeks ago I was sitting on a beach enjoying the last few days of long hot summer.

My last blog was all things gite and I can now tell you that Gite Beaulieu now has a patio and had it’s first guests.

Over the summer my lovely old neighbours came to visit me and as it was just so hot other than walking Luna at 7am and doing a few jobs outside before 10am we hid in the house out of the sun. I was so happy to get the last part of the allotment finished with their help.

Next summer I will have my bench ready to go up there along with a hammock to sit/lie in the shade.

I had my oldest friend come to stay for a week, we have known each other since juniors school!!!!  I headed back to the UK with her for a week, mainly to see my Dad and had a lovely time with him and catching up with a few other friends and enjoying walks along the Thames.  While my friend was here it was time for annual wood delivery: Where to start?

When I got back from the UK, Builder Dave and the team had been in and made a start on raking out and repointing the front of my house.  Of course I got stuck in with the repointing and it’s made such a difference; it looks like a proper house now.  Here’s the before, during and after.

Early November I went to see my friends in Spain to help with the olive harvest but sadly due to the weather over the summer there were no olives to harvest, so we spent the week in the garden chopping wood, building them a pond and weeding.

But guess what?  I got back to find Builder Dave and the team had been in again and made a start on repointing the back garden!  I should go away more often.  Not only had they been doing that, they had moved all the tiles and started making my garden look less like a builders yard.  Now all I’ve got to do is make it look like a garden – a project for next year I think.

The allotment was a bit of a disaster really with the weather as almost everything curled up and died or got burnt. I did manage to grow some garlic though.  Hopefully next year will be more bountiful.

I also did a little bit of upcycling of an old bureau.

Another birthday came and went………

And this time it was Luna’s turn to be in the wars.  Not sure entirely what happened but I came home to find the house looking like the aftermath of a slasher movie with blood splats everywhere and Luna hiding and shaking under the bed.  She’s not normally allowed upstairs so no idea how she got up there.  I put my hand on her neck and honestly thought her neck had been slashed there was so much blood.  Managed to get her downstairs and find that it was her ear that had been cut and of course every time she shook her head, more blood sprayed around the place.  Put her to bed and spent the next 2 hours cleaning.  She was still bleeding the next day so off we went to the vet. Picked her up later that day sporting a plaster on her ear!  She had a tiny cut on the main vein in her ear was sent home with instructions to keep her calm – hmmm have you met my dog?!  A week of sleeping tablets later and she made a full recovery with no need for an operation thankfully. I, meanwhile, am still finding and cleaning up blood splats.

One thought on “Christmas 2022

  1. Hello there looks as if you keep yourself quite busy. Thanks for sending an address so that I can see the project you have taken on. When your Dad and I have a telephone conversation he updates me on your progress but it was nice to see what a task you have taken on. He proudly tells me that you are now a builder,electrician, plumber and caravan fitter. well done.


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