The Long Hot Summer of Trips to The Tip

I thought I’d start this update with upstairs because I know you are all dying to see the finished photos.  Ahem, well, unfortunately it is still not quite finished but oh so close.


I have one last bit of repointing to do which will be done just as soon as I get the last few electrical sockets connected up…..  And then it’s a final push to get on with the painting in bedroom 3. The only problem here is my lack of height as even with the scaffold and an extension pole I am too short to reach the ceilings and as for cutting in, forget it.  After that, the floors can go down and I can move in and luxuriate in a dust free environment.  But best of all I will finally get to have a bath after over 18 months wait.  The bath has sat in the barn for 6 months and in bedroom 3 teasing me since January………..

But I am being too hard on myself as I (well obvs Builder Dave has done a lot too) have finished off the repointing around the bathroom window, filled in and repointed the recess in bedroom 3, waxed the beams in bedroom 2 and I’ve even finally got some door handles – woo hoo.  Which does of course mean that the screwdriver affectionately known as door handle will soon be retired.

You may be wondering why it still isn’t finished (or maybe not!).  Well I kinda lost a bit of enthusiasm, other things cropped up that became priorities such as collapsing wells (more on that in a sec), I took some time out, the sun was shining and there was cool beer and chilled crisp whites to be drunk, and I had more lovely visitors.

So, yes collapsing wells.  Unbeknown to me all the time I was standing on the well to reach the gite walls while repointing (you may remember the leak requiring emergency repointing last time); the well was actually slowly collapsing.  A piece of cement fell off one day and I couldn’t resist removing another very loose piece – ever wish you’d just left well alone?  (Excuse the pun)


I’m also pleased to say the guttering is now back in place along with a lovely new rain chain.  Hopefully that is now the end of that saga.

Me and my little Tonka toy of a car went on a couple of road trips; north to Brittany for a weekend to be looked after by Sue and Gez.  The umbrellas are from their local town and the photo is from ‘my’ bedroom window looking out over their garden and neighbouring fields and is one of my favorite places to mediate.


3 days after I got back we went south to St Jean de Luz to meet up with some very special yogi friends.  The best bit was that only one of them knew I was coming.  It was so good to reconnect with them and just hang out.


Now, as much as I love my little Tonka toy car and it’s been great to get my confidence back driving after an almost 20 year gap but enough is enough.   There are only 3 things I require from a car from now on; air con, air con and air con.  I also could do with the ability to open the passenger window from the driver’s side along with a boot that I can fit more than one yoga mat in and can open properly, not just an opening back window.   To be continued…..

Not long after I got back the cousins arrived for a week and along with days out, while I cooked dinner, they attacked the back garden.  You’ve heard of the terminator and the equalizer? Well these two are like the decimators! I think you will agree though it’s a vast improvement.


Note the repurposed ladder being used for the grape vine.

The hacking back didn’t stop there either.   Another friend has just visited for a week and as well as fitting in a 2 night trip to Bordeaux, she has cleaned, ironed, washed, tidied and been foreman while Builder Dave attacked the overgrown sycamore and cherry tree and I loaded up the trailer.  Mind you the chopping down was the easy bit; 4 huge trailer loads to the tip later and it was all cleared up. Quite where she gets her energy from is beyond me.


Builder Dave is in the tree in the middle photo somewhere!


Amongst all this and after much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth I have finally been able to register to work and get my all important siret number.  I can only describe receiving this number as like opening a bar of chocolate and finding a golden ticket inside.  So for the last 6 weeks I have been looking after 2 swimming pools twice a week, yes yours truly is now a pool girl!  Along with teaching two classes of yoga a week, being Builder Dave’s apprentice bathroom fitter (sadly not my bathroom but it’s all good practice) and being asked to quote for a big repointing job.

Me actually working!



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