Week One

Hi  ya,

Apologies for the slight round robin email you are about to read…..

Christine and Eric started on their journey home this morning so I am having a slow quiet day!!!

They have worked me to the bone to get stuff done but it’s been good to get all that stuff sorted but goodness it’s hard work and has tested my French to the limit.

Was v odd coming to house last week after all this time.  Was a bit fed up to see all the mould on bedroom furniture (just dusty green stuff not horrible black stuff).  House was very very cold so maxed up all the rads and got both fires going to get some heat in the place.  It is a beautiful sunny day outside so now have all the windows open getting lots of air in the place and it is def warming up both inside and outside.  This morning it was even warmer indoors than out!

So in my first week I have sorted the following:


*washing machine

*cooker (not without a few swear words I have to say) and running off a butane gas bottle is a new experience

*Internet and telephone (still to read thru an 80 page instruction book but can at least make and receive calls so not that worried) but have no idea how to set up answer  phone yet!!!!

*The number is 00 33 (0)5………

TV – no channels yet JJ but can watch DVDs and use via internet.  UK ip address coming soon (thanks Toby) so I can watch the beeb!

*and best of all my very own car!!!  Its a little silver citroen C1; it’s like a little tonka toy!  Will be going out on my own on Saturday to the bank ……

*bank account – well I have details and have money in it but can’t access it yet hence the appointment on saturday…..

Oh and removed a few rotten floor boards before it spreads…..

C and E have been taking trees down, hacking back the garden, chopping fire wood and cleaning non-stop.

Meanwhile Merlot has been hiding in a box and is now sunning himself in the garden.

Ok back to unpacking boxes.

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